It is a rare piece. to be at once distressing and shocking, overwhelming and stunning.
— Exeunt on The Lived Body: REDUX

The Lived Body: REDUX. Photo: Ceri Winrow

performance artist - director - scholar

Dr Thomas John Bacon is an artist whose work focuses upon the conception of the body, Being and the idea of a multiplicity of Self/s in performance. This work can be located within the framework of performance art and philosophical/phenomenological investigations that look to de/construct and challenge perception, alongside the assumed liminal barriers of body-based art.

He is known for creating artworks that capture an altered space, environment, or period of time that regardless of scale, will often make intense, sometimes visceral, beautiful pieces that place the body in extremis.

Living and working in the UK, Dr Bacon has been exhibiting his work since 2001 and internationally since 2009 particularly through Europe and East coast USA.

His solo practice is firmly rooted in the principals of performance art and body art.  He holds a BA (London Met) in Theatre and English, an MA (Goldsmiths) in Performance, a PGCE (Greenwich), and a PhD (Bristol) in phenomenology and performance art with his thesis: Experiencing a Multiplicity of Self/s. 

Dr Thomas John Bacon is the artistic director of the festival of international performance art and noise art called, Tempting Failure which is supported by Arts Council England

In 2014 The British Library selected this website for their permanent archive.  In 2016, his company Tempting Failure became a core member of Live Art UK.

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