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RESIDENCY: Sidney Nolan Trust ➕ Thomas John Bacon
to Apr 5

RESIDENCY: Sidney Nolan Trust ➕ Thomas John Bacon

This residency will respond to the Lines in the Landscape, a rolling provocation by the Sidney Nolan Trust.  This theme will allow me to engage with an open environment to return to making actions with materials from the land as featured in my earlier works, and draw this into the creation of a new series of future performances.  

As an artist who works intrinsically through the practice of phenomenology - having recently completed a PhD in this field - my methodology engages with embodied and disembodied phenomenological experiences.  Therefore, to be present in a landscape that may allow me to mindfully engage with both a presence and an absence will allow me to traverse my own pathways through the land empirically while affording me the opportunity to juxtapose this with my reciprocal intersubjective or intercorporeal experience/s.  

This will form part of the research for my ➕ phase.  A 'black cross' period of work that traces a psychogenesis while utilising a phenomenological lens that focuses on the body in extremis, creating a series of new performance works, actions and artefacts that respond to my body in a landscape of: ➕Mind ➕Environment ➕Perception/Experience ➕Intimacy and Healing ➕Rapture in Rupture.  

Walking in the countryside has always being a ritualistic healing process for my mind in my life and I hope journeying through The Rodd to discover actions, natural materials, and site-specific geology, will inform processes of, or for, or with, non visible forms of perception, forgotten landscapes, and patterns of self care/destruction as part of my future practice.  

Developed with the generous support of the Sidney Nolan Trust.

Expressions of Interest:
➕ represents an extended period of practice as research for Thomas John Bacon and further partnerships or interests in hosting actions/performance/masterclass/talks/exhibition/resdiency are currently welcome as we finalise our funding for the period of 2017 - 2020.

Expressions of interest should be sent via

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In-Utero Roundtable Discussion at LADA for Tempting Failure
to Jul 26

In-Utero Roundtable Discussion at LADA for Tempting Failure

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For me personally, my mind moves away from heteronormative binaries or maternal and paternal drives and is drawn to thoughts of cycle, of eddies and currents of noise...
— Thomas John Bacon on TF2016's in-utero provocation

I am thrilled to be a part of the LADA and Tempting Failure Study Day, discussion the provocation I chose for the festival this year.  

Tempting Failure and LADA are once again coming together to offer the opportunity to discuss, engage and examine cycles, new beginnings, creation/destruction, depression and disease.

You are invited to join the day long event consisting of an introduction from TF and the chance to browse the curated materials from the LADA study room. Using the format of an open mic platform there will be an open invitation to share texts, images or create spontaneous responses to the discoveries made in the study room.

This will culminate in an afternoon Round Table session featuring Lois KeidanAnne BeanEsther NeffThomas John BaconGillian Jane Lees and Adam York Gregory.  Here we will open the discussion from the day's research, responding to conversations upon the themes emerging from the open mic sessions as well as considering the theme in-utero.

For more information on how to book please click here. 

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*SOLD OUT* TF2016: Thomas John Bacon Masterclass
10:00 AM10:00

*SOLD OUT* TF2016: Thomas John Bacon Masterclass

thomas john bacon perception lab

Thomas John Bacon’s work can be located within the framework of performance art and philosophical/phenomenological investigations that look to de/construct and challenge perception, alongside the assumed liminal barriers of body-based art.

This day will offer artists the chance to explore how perception of an Experience and of their own and other’s Self/s may shift through intense periods of mindful concentration and endurance of/in Action. 

Through a series of physical and psychological meditations, we will consider how to become mindfully present in the actions we create. While participants will be asked to question their own investment in risk and meaning in the creation of an action. 

Thomas John Bacon is not only the artistic director of Tempting Failure but is also a performance artist, known for creating artworks that capture an altered space, environment, or period of time that regardless of scale, will often make intense, sometimes visceral, beautiful pieces that place the body in extremis. He has exhibited both in the UK, Europe and USA, while collaborations have included working with such noted artists as Ernst Fischer, FK Alexander, Joke Lanz and Llewyn Maire among others

To book please click here. 

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PRESENCE/s - Ausland, Berlin Germany
8:00 PM20:00

PRESENCE/s - Ausland, Berlin Germany

We are thrilled to confirm that Thomas John Bacon will conclude 2015 with a residency in partnership with the seminal artist, Joke Lanz.  They will be in an exclusive residency together at Ausland in Berlin.

This will conclude with the public premiere of a new work entitled PRESENCE/s 

Of breath

Of mind

Of spit

Of sight

Of sound

Of healing

Of lucidity

Of hands

Of time

Considering our place in the perceived presence from a series of momentary actions.

The performance from this residency will take place on 10th December. 

For more information please click here.

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TJB/FKA perform 2 < 4 : AIR Buzzcut // Forest Fringe, Edinburgh
8:00 PM20:00

TJB/FKA perform 2 < 4 : AIR Buzzcut // Forest Fringe, Edinburgh

Thomas John Bacon and FK Alexander return as TJB/FKA for their second in a series of four elemental actions.  Following on from FIRE, they present AIR.  

We are thrilled to bring this second action to Forest Fringe as part of Buzzcut and look forward to performing a contrasting, though no less equally intense work, to the spectacle of FIRE.

Performance time: 20:00 - 20:30 

Location: Cutting Room - Capacity Limited

Find out more by clicking here.

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PASSION/Flower - Tempting Failure, Latitude Festival 2015
11:00 AM11:00

PASSION/Flower - Tempting Failure, Latitude Festival 2015

Photo: Aleks Slota taken at MPA Berlin 2014

We are very excited to confirm Thomas John Bacon's first date for England in 2015, as he returns just over a year on to PASSION/Flower once more, in collaboration with the wonderful Ernst Fischer.  

Inspired by a ritual known as Matam, which takes place in the Shiite ceremony of Ashura, PASSION/Flower transcends its origins, becoming an action that opens the body to a trance state of rhythm & ritual practice.  

Last shown in 2014 at MPA Berlin, the pair reunite in the Live Art House at Latitude 2015, under the new context of Tempting Failure's SILENT NOISE DIVE.  Here audiences can switch between two live orchestrations of either harsh or ambient soundscapes that will be scored by the amazing temp0rary in response to their performance art provocation. However only the audience and the sound artists can hear the audio, as Fischer & Bacon tempt failure anew by presenting this established work in a new unique context

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PERCEPTION: LAB - Mobius, Boston USA
9:00 AM09:00

PERCEPTION: LAB - Mobius, Boston USA

We are thrilled to confirm that Thomas John Bacon will present PERCEPTION:LAB at Mobius in Boston, USA on 20th June for 13 hours.  Speaking upon this, Thomas said, "This will mark my Boston debut and it is an immense honour to bring this conceptual piece to the renown Mobius." In this artwork, he will forego his established practice oeuvre and attempt 13 sealed actions donated by an international array of artists that seek to stimulate the exposure towards failure through impossibility or risk.  

Over the past three years I have collected 13 actions.
Each is designed to stimulate failure through impossibility & risk.
Each is sealed in an envelope and I (the performance artist) have no idea what the actions involve.

I propose a durational work that sees me open a new action every hour for 13 hours, and for the entirety of each hour I will work in response to the stimuli inside. I will never leave the space, I will drink only water, allowing the fatigue of the event’s duration to add to the task of each new action.

Each encounter offers the spectator an opportunity for the phenomenological examination of the shifts in perception of a Being in action. Potentially revealing the construction and deconstruction of a multiplicity of Self/s that become more evident when the body is viewed as encountering unknown risk.

This conceptual artwork can only ever be encountered in this unique way once.  It will never be performed again

I do not know what will happen; I have no prior knowledge of the actions.

I will not be creating finely polished artworks, only action.

I will be sharing, experience | perception | investment | risk | Being | Flesh | Self/s

Find out more by clicking here & join/share the Facebook event by clicking here

With sincere thanks, the artists who have donated the stimulus for these actions are:

1 Ernst Fischer (UK/Germany)   

2 Franko B (UK/Italy) 

3 Sharon Smith (UK/Germany) 

4 Helena Sands (Wales) 

5 Paul Clarke (UK) 

6 Rudolf (Japan) 

7 Leif Elggren (Sweden)   

8 Jamie Lewis Hadley (UK) 

9 Kira O'Reilly (UK) 

10 Joke Lanz (Germany/Switzerland)   

11 Helen Spackman (UK/Italy) 

12 Hellen Burrough (UK) 

13 Allan Taylor (UK)  

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SELF/s Portrait - Panoply Performance Lab, Brooklyn - NYC, USA
7:00 PM19:00

SELF/s Portrait - Panoply Performance Lab, Brooklyn - NYC, USA

Photo: Ray Spence

It gives us great pleasure to announce that SELF/s Portrait will be presented by Panoply Performance Lab this month in Brooklyn, New York.  Thomas has been overjoyed at the request to bring this work to the USA, and this performance will mark his first stop prior to premiering PERCEPTION:Lab at Mobius in Boston on 20th June. 

SELF/s Portrait is a disseminative action, offering the open reciprocal enactment of the self portrait of Thomas John Bacon in exchange with the Being of each participant; acknowledging how each individual brings something distinctively different to the presence of an image and its perception. 

It thereby facilitates a visual representation of the multiplicity of Self/s that Bacon proposes exists within each of us while creating a portrait for the performance artist that works primarily through action.

To date it has been performed in Berlin, Germany (MPA), Birmingham, UK (HFWAS) and will now be staged in Brooklyn - NYC, USA (PPL).

To take part in this event please click here and leave a message or contact PPL direct. 

Places will be limited

Participants will need to be available from 6pm and will share a short intimate workshop with Thomas John Bacon at PPL prior to exhibiting this action on the streets of Brooklyn.  

This will feature as part of Performancy Forum featuring artwork by Jenna Kline + Geraldo Mercado, Leah Aron + Scott Shannon, Adriana Disman + Didier Morelli. 

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Thomas John Bacon speaking on Evolving a Curatorial Practice - Berlin, Germany
10:00 AM10:00

Thomas John Bacon speaking on Evolving a Curatorial Practice - Berlin, Germany

How and why is curating an ARTISTIC practice?  

Thomas John Bacon has been invited to speak on the second day of a two day conference at The Association for Performance Art in Berlin APAB e.V. first conference on the subject of Curating as an Artistic Practice. The conference takes place at the Artist’s Residency GlogauAir in Berlin-Kreuzberg. It features as part of the wider programme of the 5th and closing edition of the Month of Performance Art-Berlin ANTHOLOGY.  

During the two-day conference numerous international performance artists who consider curation a vital part of their artistic practice will shed different lights on the practice they share in the forms of lectures, performances, discussions, documentation and various hybrid formats. The conference is open to all interested parties.  

Thomas John Bacon will now be appearing as his Trans Self through the conduit of  FK Alexander speaking as him, using his prepared words, on Evolving a Curatorial Practice.  

Thomas John Bacon is a performance artist who has evolved a curatorial practice as the artistic director of Tempting Failure, an annual festival of Performance Art and Noise Art in the UK that to date has exhibited over 110 artists from around the world.  TF foregrounds a dialogue for artists to challenge preconceptions, take risks, and celebrate the investment they make in their unique & often difficult practice. 

For more information please click here.

Andreas Pashias, epitelesis, Athens
Andrew Whall, Ian Whitford, Rebecca Weeks,Cornwall Autonomous Zone
BEAN, Benjamin Sebastian, Performance Space, London
Boris Nieslony, ASA, PAErsche, Cologne
Brian McCorkle, Esther Neff,PPL, Brooklyn
Camilla Graff Junior, Crossing Contexts
Daina Pupkeviciute, Vaida Tamoševičiūtė, CREATurE Live Art, Vilnius
Ellen Friis, Henrik Vestergaard Friis,, Copenhagen
Jörn J. Burmester, APAB e.V., MPA–B, Berlin
Florian Feigl, HZT Berlin, Performer Stammtisch, Berlin
Frank Homeyer, PAErsche, APAB e.V., Berlin
Hannes Egger, Web Performance Today
Hector Canonge, Itinerant Festival & Performeando (New York City, USA), Performaxis (South America)
Ilya Noé, APAB e.V., MPA–B , Berlin
Joël Verwimp, APAB e.V., MPA–B, Berlin
Joëlle Valterio, Unwrap the Present, Bern
Joseph „Pepe“ Patricio, Nowhere Kitchen, Berlin
Joseph Raven, Defibrillator, Chicago
Joy Harder, Marie-Alice Schulz, Harder & Schulz, Berlin/Hamburg
Lorena Lo Peña, Koki, ElGalpon Espacio, Lima
Mary Novotny Jones, Mobius, School of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Nick Anderson, Rosana Cade, Buzzcut, Glasgow
Poppy Jackson, Performance Space, London
Randy Gledhill, LIVE, Vancouver
Rebecca Cunningham, EXIST, Brisbane/Manchester
Teena Lange, Grüntaler 9, APAB e.V., Berlin
Thomas John Bacon, Tempting Failure, Bristol
Valerian Maly, BONE Bern, HdK Bern
Willem Wilhelmus, Mother’s Tongue, Fake Fins, Helsinki

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