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PERCEPTION: LAB - Mobius, Boston USA

  • Mobius 55 Norfolk St Cambridge, MA, 02139 United States (map)

We are thrilled to confirm that Thomas John Bacon will present PERCEPTION:LAB at Mobius in Boston, USA on 20th June for 13 hours.  Speaking upon this, Thomas said, "This will mark my Boston debut and it is an immense honour to bring this conceptual piece to the renown Mobius." In this artwork, he will forego his established practice oeuvre and attempt 13 sealed actions donated by an international array of artists that seek to stimulate the exposure towards failure through impossibility or risk.  

Over the past three years I have collected 13 actions.
Each is designed to stimulate failure through impossibility & risk.
Each is sealed in an envelope and I (the performance artist) have no idea what the actions involve.

I propose a durational work that sees me open a new action every hour for 13 hours, and for the entirety of each hour I will work in response to the stimuli inside. I will never leave the space, I will drink only water, allowing the fatigue of the event’s duration to add to the task of each new action.

Each encounter offers the spectator an opportunity for the phenomenological examination of the shifts in perception of a Being in action. Potentially revealing the construction and deconstruction of a multiplicity of Self/s that become more evident when the body is viewed as encountering unknown risk.

This conceptual artwork can only ever be encountered in this unique way once.  It will never be performed again

I do not know what will happen; I have no prior knowledge of the actions.

I will not be creating finely polished artworks, only action.

I will be sharing, experience | perception | investment | risk | Being | Flesh | Self/s

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With sincere thanks, the artists who have donated the stimulus for these actions are:

1 Ernst Fischer (UK/Germany)   

2 Franko B (UK/Italy) 

3 Sharon Smith (UK/Germany) 

4 Helena Sands (Wales) 

5 Paul Clarke (UK) 

6 Rudolf (Japan) 

7 Leif Elggren (Sweden)   

8 Jamie Lewis Hadley (UK) 

9 Kira O'Reilly (UK) 

10 Joke Lanz (Germany/Switzerland)   

11 Helen Spackman (UK/Italy) 

12 Hellen Burrough (UK) 

13 Allan Taylor (UK)