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CHTHONIC - Installation

  • Raw Labs Norton Quays, Royal Albert Wharf London, E16 2QP UK (map)

Gallery is open Friday - Sunday

Photo: John Kurzy

Photo: John Kurzy

A mixed-media installation of video and sculpture will remain on display at Raw Labs until 30th June.

This work is the result of an 18 hour durational performance by the artist that also included a 20 km walk.

On the 21st June 2019 at 4:43am the sun rose on the Summer Solstice.  

The longest day of the year offered a point of reflection for this durational work; a boundary of time on an intersection of elemental, geographic and psychogenic landscapes. It commenced at 51.5050185, 0.0777211 on the edge of the river Thames and then moved to Raw Labs gallery.

A wasteland, where modernisation meets the industrial and natural land.

Where the Sun rises to purify through


and flame,

these destroyed joints and fragile Self/s.

Moving through the landscape,

binding the avulsions.

Never healed but somehow surviving. The performance will end as the Sun sets.

- The sun will rise again -

Ritualistically, this artwork commences a de/constructive process; sculpting the physical Being, intangible Self/s and the foundation of a space that holds a monochromatic cross of bones.  This is a + and not a crucifix.  The action maps the artist’s path/s of psychogenesis held somewhere between purgatory and peacefulness.  Mapping boundaries internally as we move through external environments, acknowledging the reciprocal intervention that occurs between both.

‘Since performing our last major piece, TJB has taken time to reconsider a catalogue of actions: re-examining each artwork following a Mental Health (MH) diagnosis in 2016.  This focal process began during a residency at the Sidney Nolan Trust in 2017 where we became aware of how landscapes intervened in us rather than merely we in them.  TJB went back to old artefacts from previous pieces, sculpturally reactivating them as we attempted to re/map our place within them anew. This lead us towards enhancing our practice through the making of objects as well as bringing us to a place where a response through performance could now be made.’


500x Cow Knuckle Bones

3km Jute Twine

50l Liquid Latex

8l Paraffin

Hessian Sackcloth

Sage Smudge Stick

IKAROS signal flare

ENOLAGAYE red smoke cover device


Durational performance from 4:43am to 9:21pm

Sunrise cleansing pyre of 500 knuckle bones.

Fired bones and ash are walked individually to a new location.

Binding and sealing, the bones are processed into a sculpture of healing.

The sculpture installation is left in situ and spectators are invited to provide a new home to the bound knuckles

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