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Limited Edition Prints


Hand Finished

Verletzlichkeit no.1

16X20” hand-finished signed edition of 4.

Reproducing the chalk pen on black paper from the notes of TJB while in residency at the Sidney Nolan Trust in 2017. The work that began there as part of the Lines in the Landscape residency produced invaluable research in the development of the artist’s CHTHONIC series. This figurative image was the first since the ‘Hung Body’ produced for Psychosis that exposed TJB’s ongoing struggles with Mental Health and marks the first in the a series of Verletzlichkeit prints.

This edition of 4 Giclee 16x20” prints are each signed by the artist and numbered.

This exclusively hand-finished print is produced on Hahnemüle Pearl which creates really natural black and white images alongside exacting detail too. The paper is resin coated with a fibrous feel creating an orange peel-like texture and satin finish.


Hahnemühle German Etching

Love+Rage no.1

16X20” signed edition of 4.

Reproducing the oil painting artwork on 60x48” canvas by TJB from the Love+Rage series, this edition of 4 Giclee 16x20” prints are each signed by the artist and numbered.

Produced on Hahnemühle German Etching, its weight and strong texture gives this artwork a handmade crafted feel. Creating a piece with strong colours and deep blacks that feel rich and high in contrast, reproducing the original artwork as closely as possible, while bringing an uniqueness approved by TJB for this edition.


Canson Aquarelle Rag


30X20” signed edition of 6.

This collaboration between the TJB and Hellen Burrough evokes rebellion in a urban landscape but was created originally as a promotional photo for CHTHONIC. This edition of 6 Giclee 30x20” prints are each signed by the artist and numbered.

TJB often incorporates the elemental in the production of performance work, this image captures the use of a smoke grenade in the hand of the silhouetted artist in a London underpass.

This print has been reworked by the artist to distort and enhance the organic nature of the smoke in conflict with man-made landscape.

More pronounced than the Hahnemühle German Etching, this piece is produced on Canson Aquarelle Rag, a highly textured Giclée paper, offering strong reproduction of blacks and good colour intensity with a texture that holds the ink and catches the light.


Supporting SANE

Black cross➕

20X20” signed edition of 8.

The Black Cross by TJB is a symbol of safety and crisis, reappropriating the traditional Red Cross as a sigil for the artists’ own mental health. This edition of 8 Giclee 20x20” prints are each signed by the artist and numbered.

This piece is produced on Canson Baryta, a pure white paper base with excellent black density. It creates whiter whites and deeper blacks whilst the silky smooth reflective coating enhances the detail and definition of the artwork.

We recommend care when handling the print as this is a sensitive paper and would advise it is purchased mounted and framed.

PLEASE NOTE: 10% of the profit of each sale will be donated to the charity SANE.